Dollar Naira is a financial blog tasked with the primary objective of making money related posts. Be it about the richest state in Nigeria or the richest woman in Africa. We want to create an online space where people can come get  comprehensive details about the richest people and places in the world.

And that is just a part of what we intend to cover on this blog. Another part of this blog will be focused on the most expensive things in the world, just like the post we wrote some days back about the most expensive dog in the world.

The third part is all about currencies, both local and international. We shall be discussing about the weakest and highest currencies in the world and the economic history behind them.

Basically, there will be many parts to this blog and each would be govern by a single theme: MONEY!

We intend teaching Forex and different kinds of legitimate money making means, because at the end of the day we just want to provide real value.